About Steamers & Dreamers

Steamers and Dreamers a futuristic pastime is Aztec's first Steampunk Convention introduced as an instrument of uniting the community in a fun unique way. Steamers and Dreamers is also an instrument to raise monies to go toward the support of an even bigger event.

"Good Neighbors" is a group of citizens (all of the citizens of the community) encouraging and participating in opportunities TO PROMOTE KINDNESS. In short, this program is designed to encourage all walks of life to participate in a journey of good neighbors, good friends, good manners, and good times, while learning and experiencing better ways to become a community of support. It is a program dedicated to promoting events and activities to bring diverse groups together with a common heart, to have fun, and to embrace one another. Through these opportunities, we can share positive moments that last a life time. We can be examples for other generations and strengthen our values as a community.

Journey with us into the world of Steampunk and be a support of the futuristic visions for our wonderfully different and unique citizens that share our fair City.

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